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With this photo of a bukye banane tree (New Year tree), LALIT editors wish all our visitors a very happy New Year, full of hope-filled reflections and actions.

Assembly of Asbestos House Dwellers and LALIT neighbourhood Committees at the Social Centre, St Georges St, Port Louis on 18 September 2019 to protest against Jugnauth Government failure to implement commitment to replace toxic asbestos houses, a commitment taken in the National Assembly in November 2015. People gathered from 32 different housing estates for a Press Conference that turned into a mass meeting. There were 10 speakers, four LALIT members, Rajni Lallah, Rada Kistnasamy, Alain Ah-Vee and Lindsey Collen and five representatives of each region: North, South, West, East and Centre, plus an asbestos house dweller, Pierrot Cangy, who gave testimony about the Jugnauth Government demolishing his house recently, and then sending him a letter to say that he is not eligible for Government housing.

Inhabitants of asbestos houses and LALIT militants at the Pamplemousses Citizen Advice Bureau.

24 July 2019 March to protest against asbestos housing in Goodlands, organised jointly by LALIT Branch members and local inhabitants.

Gathering in Company Gardens after peaceful march against asbestos housing on Friday 6 July 2018. Representatives of some 45 of the 59 housing estates concerned were present with banners. (See News article and videos and Documents Section).

Labour Day in 2018 was the 80th anniversary of the celebration in Mauritius. A photograph showing the first celebration.

On 25 February 2019, the UN International Court of Justice at The Hague found by 13-1 that Britain had acted unlawfully during the decolonization of Mauritius by keeping the Chagos Archipelago as a new colony. Here is a LALIT poster campaign in July 2013, calling for US military base on Diego Garcia to be closed; and for Government to go to the ICJ. In fact, we have been on this campaign since the 1980s and even before.

LPT Building at Royal Rd GRNW, Port Louis, where LALIT has its headquarters.

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