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Message from Swedish section of the IVth International


To all comrades of Lalit
We had the pleasure to come in contact with Rajni Lallah and Lindsey Collen at the world congress of the Fourth International in february this year. This occasion gave us the opportunity to learn about the political situation of Mauritius and exchange experiences whith the comrades.

We live in different parts of the world, but the crises of capitalism and the climate crise affects us all, and our struggle is the same. All over the world, working class people are affected by the hostile attacks; unemployment, cuts in the public sector, discrimination, racism. Everywhere oppressed people expect and struggle for an other world.

In Sweden this coming months we are having a campaign about climate change. We are also having elections in September, so we are going out with a campaign saying that we should not only vote to change the government, but also organise for other politics.

From the north of Europe we revolutionary socialists send you internationalist greetings to all struggling people in Mauritius on the 1th of may 2010.

Long live internationalism!

Socialistiska Partiet, Swedish section of the Fourth International

Through Agnes Callewaert, member of the IC and in the leadership in Sweden