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Message from the Anti-Privatisation Forum (South Africa)


Warmest revolutionary greetings from your brothers and sisters in South Africa on this celebration of Labour Day 2010. As the broad working class gathers all across the world on this day, we should take heart and courage in knowing that despite the difficult times we face it is also a time when the idea and possibilities of socialism are gaining ground. This is the case precisely because as the capitalist system is more and more exposed and experienced for the barbarism it is, people everywhere are looking for alternatives.We all know that such an alternative is a socialism based upon the affirmation of our collective human dignity and worth as well as collective ownership and management of our human and natural resources. There is no other way forward - capitalism is a dead-end! At the centre of our continued and common efforts to make that alternative a living social, political and economic reality is class struggle, a struggle that we must wage in every space, every corner of the capitalist system. The tide is slowly turning. Let us turn that tide into an unstoppable surge of popular, working class power that, over time, can sweep aside the rotting corpse of capitalism. For humanity, for the environment, for the future!!

Onward, forward,
Dale McKinley
(on behalf of the APF Executive)