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Solidarity greetings from Socialist Workers Party (SAP)


From the Socialist Workers Party (SAP) - Danish section of the Fourth International - we send you our warmest greetings on this day of international struggle for workers rights.
Comrades from SAP had the fortune to meet comrades from Lalit who visited the World Congress of the Fourth International this February.
As socialist revolutionaries we share the same struggles across the globe. Struggles against militarism, imperialism, heterosexism, racism and capitalism. Struggles for peace, international solidarity, sexual liberation and freedom from all kinds of oppression, for a socialist and ecological future.
In Denmark, the SAP as part of the Red-Green Alliance/Unity List, fight US-led imperialist aggression all over the world, with special emphasis on Danish participation. We know that the people of Mauritius feel the very close presence of US- and UK-imperialism due to the military bases on your island of Diego Garcia.
We fight the capitalist solution to the economic crisis that makes the workers pay for the wrongdoings of the bosses and the bourgeoisie. We fight the capitalist and imperialist restrictions on the freedom of people to move around as they please. And we fight for the freedom of the people to organize their lives on this planet in a sustainable way instead of exploiting the common resources for private profit.
Let us keep the links between our organizations and support each other in our struggles. Today is May Day - an international celebration of the struggle for workers rights. But we must never forget that every day is a day of struggle, and of international solidarity.

Comradely greetings from the Political Bureau of SAP, Denmark