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LALIT`s Labour Day


Yesterday, in stark contrast to the macho crowd-contest between the two pro-capitalist alliance electoral public meetings, LALIT held a well-attended a serene and inspiring gathering for Labour day. This gathering, was held in collaboration with workers` education association Ledikasyon Pu Travayer, women`s liberasyon association Muvman Liberasyon Fam, Federation of Pre-School Playgroups and rank and file workers` association Labaz Intersindikal.

Interlaced with speeches and messages, there were songs beautifully sung by Marc and Marlene Joseph, and Patrick Ramdhony, bubbly piano music of Rajni Lallah, reading of a Jaques Prevert poem by Yann Jean, a short film and power-point of Ryan Kistnasamy of LALIT`s recent demonstration against the UK-controlled so-called "Marine Protected Area` in the Chagos, and an amazing tai-chi demonstration by Alain Ah-Vee accompanied by a woman-master of tai-chi. The event was co-presided by Rada Kistnasamy and Jeway Yves and ended with a real feast: everyone had brought lovingly prepared food to share.
The theme of the gathering was "For a socialist system that protects humans and the environment".
Lindsey Collen`s key note speech highlighted in a creative and powerful way, key political ideas on how capitalism has broken our harmonious relationship, as human beings, with nature. "Capitalism has even broken our relationship with our labour power: we have to sell this labour power 8-12 hours a day in order to survive" she said. She talked of the systemic crisis of present-day capitalism, as it unfolds in Mauritius and how LALIT`s programme addresses this crisis and provides us with a possibility to challenge the system, overthrow it and build socialism. She spoke on the importance of LALIT branches and commissions in furthering our programme, and how each LALIT militant`s contribution makes a difference.

Alain Ah-Vee, Ledikasyon Pu Travayer representative, spoke of the gains made in the struggle for the Kreol language. Ledikasyon Pu Travayer last year, organised an International Hearing that showed the damage done to children because the Kreol language is not used at school level. Sadna Jumnoodoo, speaking for Muvman Liberasyon Fam, explained the main demands of the women`s movement that are totally absent in the two pro-capitalist alliance electoral programmes. Ragini Kistnasamy, Labaz Intersindikal speaker, outlined the importance of a political programme that challenges capitalism and creates the basis for real unity for the working class. Saresh Viramalay of the Federation of Pre-School Playgroups explained the collective work of teachers, parents and children in the FPSP and highlighted the importance of using the kreol language in school. The Private Sector workers` confederation (CTSP) sent us a solidarity message.

Everyone was reminded of the international dimension of the struggle for socialism by the numerous solidarity messages LALIT received from the Revolutionary Socialist Party in Australia, the Anti-Privatisation Forum in South Africa, Lutte Ouvriere of France, the Socialist Workers` Party in Denmark, the Socialist Party in Sweden, News and Letters in the United States, the Fourth International. The gathering listened attentively to different LALIT members explaining what these organisations are and how LALIT has developed links with them. And of course, we all sang the Internationale in unison.