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Critique of Bizlall-Subron Platform Affidavit and Case


An article in Le Mauricien on page 13 yesterday, Wednesday 21 April, made it abundantly clear that the Bizlall-Subron Platform's affidavits sworn before the Supreme Court expressly re-assure the Court that they do not want, by this action, to put the Best Loser System into question. And they make the assurance under oath. Whereas their propaganda is that they are by this action putting the Best Loser System into question.

The significance of this needs to be part of everyone's basic understanding of the issue. On Page 18 of the same newspaper, prophetically, you can read LALIT's prediction that they would be saying this, in an article by Alain Ah-Vee and Rajni Lallah. (See their article on our web page). Please read both articles, so that it becomes clear what is in fact being sought in the Supreme Court by the Bizlall-Subron duo. And then you can judge if they win, what kind of "victory" it is.

Here is the direct quote in Le Mauricien from the Bizlall-Subron team's affidavit: "Our failure or inability to classify ourselves does not in any significant manner affect the operation of the Best Loser System which is based on relative, not absolute, figures; the failure by any candidate to declare his community therefore does not make the First Schedule [Best Loser System] unpracticable, unworkable, or unpurposeful or otherwise otiose".

Thought you would like this info. This way, you can judge the tactic chosen for yourself. It is not clear whether all participants in the exercise were aware of the legal tactic resorted to.

What is of concern is that history is repeating itself, in not making this dubious tactic known. In 2005, there was the same euphoria in Rezistans camp, and it was amplified in the same way in the press. So bad was it that the advocate Rex Stephen felt he had to put pen to paper and write a letter to the editor, explaining their legal quest and concluding "Il est donc clair, a notre sens, que ce jugement ne peut etre interprété comme mettant en cause la question de classification, pour les seuls besoins electoraux, de notre peuple. Il ne met pas en cause parreillement le systeme de Best Losers lui meme ... " (Le Maur, 23 June, 2005). Integrity is essential in political struggles, so we salute Rex Stephen's attempt to get the truth out.

The content of this short note gives you an outline of one of the three main reasons for LALIT opposing the Platform Commune. We have as you know consistently fought against the communalism in the Best Loser System as a whole, and our aim is to bring in Electoral Reform that permits a dose of proportional representation by Party that will decrease some of the illogical effects of the first-past-the-post system, including the genuine risk of under-representation of so-called "minorities" when there are political forces like Raj Dayal, and communal forces like VoH, Kranti, Dalthamun, and Pere Gregoire operating.

If you would like an electronic copy of our Program, including on the burning issue of the politics of the economy, please request one: either hard copy or email. You can also download one from the home-page on our site

LALIT, 22 April 2010