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Marine Protected Area in the International Press


"The Chagos archipelago "where conservation meets colonialism" and "Chagos marine protection plan condemned as unethical"
We refer LALIT website visitors to two very interesting articles by Fred Pearce on the British State's outrageous plan to create a Marine Protected Area in the Chagos Archipelago.

1. "The Chagos archipelago" where conservation meets colonialism" published in Guardian 18 February 2010.

2. "Chagos marine protection plan condemned as unethical" published in New Scientist, 17 February 2010.

How can Britain call for the creation of a Marine Protected Area on stolen territory with the nuclear base on Diego Garcia which in the middle of this same stolen territory ?
British Government's perfidious imposition of a planned Marine Protected Area on part of Mauritius is to mask the fact that it colonizes the land illegally. Britain colonizes the Chagos under the name of "British Indian Ocean Territory".
LALIT has publicly asked the Mauritian Government for two immediate actions : (1) to get UN inspections under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) done on US military base on Diego Garcia, and (2) to inscribe on to the Agenda of the UN General Assembly a resolution to send a case before the ICJ at the Hague.