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Greenpeace replies to LALIT


Greenpeace replies to LALIT "Open Letter to Greenpeace not to fall into UK Trap"

LALIT wrote an open letter to the leaders of Greenpeace to request them to re-think its position in favour of the British Government's outrageous plan to create a "Marine Park" on Chagos . Greenpeace has written back to LALIT. We are publishing the reply from Greenpeace below. And LALIT open letter to Greenpeace can be read at

Greenpeace reply

From: info []
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 4:46 PM
To: lalit
Subject: RE: Nuclear Base and continued illegal colonization of Chagos and Greenpeace`s position

Hello Ram,

Thanks for your e-mail, it`s great to hear from you and I'll pass your comments on to our oceans campaign.

Those who have been following the issue will know that the British Government expelled the Chagossians from the islands some decades ago. The Chagossians continue to campaign for justice. At present, the waters of the Chagos are being fished by various deep water fishing nations. Taking the Chagossian perspective, this amounts to theft and destruction of Chagos' natural resources. However if a marine reserve is created without prejudice to the determination of the Chagossian dispute then the fishing would be stopped, but if and when the Chagossians win a right of return the whole question of what happens with the waters would be reopened. In other words, creating a marine reserve would be to actually preserve these coral seas in trust for the Chagossian people.

Whilst we`ve kept our e-mail short, there is more information (and links) on our web site so please follow the links below to find out more:

I hope that helps,

Lisa Weatherley
Supporter Services, Greenpeace UK