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Happy New Year: You were among 264,325 visitors to this site in 2009


The LALIT website continues to get more and more visitors. In 2009, there were 264,325 hits. We expected less visitors than 2008 because of 4 hacking incidents which meant the site was down for days on end and its features have not yet all been fully re-installed.

Here are the annual figures since we began our site:

2002 242
2003 17,161
2004 64,157
2005 103,801
2006 105,000 (est)
2007 111,569
2008 147,395
2009 264,325

What this means is that there is a steady increase in our visitors. For 2006, we have given an estimate, because the actual hits which were 275,183 included 2 days of freak unexplained high hits. We have chosen to put an estimate so as to stay within the trend.

We take this opportunity of wishing you a very happy new year.