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Gaza Freedom March Dayeri Ragini Kistnasamy Nimero 5


Tu bann Kamarad dan Moris ki pe sutenir Gaza Freedom March

Desizyon pu pa al Gaza

Kuma mo ti dir dan mo lantre yer, desizyon pu swazir 100 lor +1300 delege pu amenn problem. Anfet li finn amenn buku deba e diskisyon sofe lor bann pwen inportan.

Li pu inportan revinn lor sa bann kestyon kan pu fer evalyasyon lazurne zordi dan renyon 7.30pm. Mo finn avoy kominike GFM a bann marser.( Pibliye integralman lor nu Websayt)

Rezon 1
Kan delege dan bis pu al Gaza, reprezantan bann lorganizasyon Palestinn e lorganizasyon Palestinyen dan Lezip finn pran laparol pu explike kifer personn pa bizen ale. Zot finn propoze ki swa +1300 delege ubyen zero. Zot finn explike ki 100 delege reprezant sede a exizans guvernman Lezip e ekivo a divizyon.

Rezon 2
Apre sa, Ali Abunimah, founder of Eletronic Intifada finn telefonn reprezantan dan Gaza pu dimann li eski dan Gaza zot panse nu bizen mintenir bis 100 delege ubyen kennsel bis. Konversasyon telefonn ti fer lor mikro pu tu dimunn tande. Delege dan Gaza finn dir ki zot panse enn delegasyon 100 pu definitivman afekte travay solidarite pu lev syez lor Gaza. Dan Gaza, Komite ki ti pu akey nu an tan ki Gaza Freedom Marchers depi Cairo swete ki personn pa vini. Zot finn explike ki dan lintere travay alonterm, zot panse bizen kennsel bis.

Rezon 3
Rapor ki nu finn gayne lor de deklarasyon Minis Zafer Etranzer Lezip, ki nu finn aprann granmaten. Deklarasyon ti lor TV e dan Lapres.

Anba mo pe reprodwir tradiksyon depi Arabic deklarasyon Minis Zafer Etranzer Lezip ki Palestinian Think Tank finn pibliye dan lartik "Egypt Approves Gaza Freedom March Passage, Viva Palestina Blunders" Paperwork and Blames Egypt By Haitham Sabbah - Dec 29th, 2009 at 23:39

. . . On the demonstrations held by activists from 42 countries and their appeal to President Mubarak to allow them to cross into Gaza Strip, Aboul Gheit said, "This issue has been on the Egyptian state agenda for several months, there is a non-governmental organisation that heads six non-governmental organisations below it with 200 other organisations, and there are groups of activists, idealists and those of different directions. We have asked them early on, so as to heed their wishes, to provide us the details of their names and passports, and to tell us to what extent they wish to go. Some did, and others decided not to respond because they reject the right of the Egyptian state to use its territory to allow or not allow. They said, "we`ll impose on the people of Egypt to accept that we only have the right to impose conditions for those who want to enter our state. You can not (pointing to the journalists) get a visa for Italy or France just because you defend them, or some of you at least. So Egypt has decided that this is matter that needs to be looked at carefully, and then we identified that some of them want to reach the Egyptian Rafah to exercise unlawful acts which deal with the Egyptian construction (referring to the Iron Wall), which means demonstration against Egypt, and some tried to hold contacts in Egypt which we do not accept, and intervened in a clash with the Egyptian state, so Egypt decided not to allow either of these groups to move deep into Sinai, however, as a result of the appeal, the Egyptian state has decided as per instructions from Mr. President to consider allowing a limited number of representatives of groups that we feel are genuine groups, and stands with the Palestinian people, such as ours do with them, in order to express advocacy of the Palestinian people and will allow them to enter in the next few days."

Aboul Gheit added, "Those thousands of people trying to conspire against Egypt, all that we will do is to let them in our streets, seeking to provoke the Egyptians, but the Egyptians are wiser, especially after we saw that all these demonstrations have been limited to those foreigners who tried to invoke the Egyptian security, who had not provoked, stressing that these will be in the hospitality of this magnificent sun, until the end of their desire to stay and they leave."

. . .

Menas apenn vwale depi Minis. Danze ki apre bis avek 100 delege kite pu Gaza, lapolis kumans servi vyolans kont delege dan Cairo ki li fini donn zot etiket "futer dezord".

Alor, desizyon pu pa al delavan avek 100 delege enn bon desizyon.

Ragini Kistnasamy,
Talaat Harb, Cairo