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Gaza Freedom March: Ragini Kistnasamy`s diary Day 4


Tuesday Night

Following the initiave of the women`s delegation Fam Code Pink in the Gaza Freedom March, we received the news that the Egyptian government has given permission for 100 delegates to enter Gaza tomorrow.

It is a vistory because it shows just how mobilisation on multiple fronts for two days in Cairo, in Israel, in the respective countries of delegates, including Mauritius, has contributed to break the siege on Gaza.

Organisations in Gaza and the people there are waiting for the Gaza Freedom March visit. That is also a victory giving hope to the people of Gaza, and showing the world that mobilisation works.

On the other hand, it is not a complete victory as it will be difficult to choose 100 out of 1,400 delegates. One has to have a lot of consistent political commitment to accept not to be in the delegation that is going to Gaza tomorrow.

More news tomorrow. Congratulate all comrades in Mauritius as action in Mauritius has contributed to force the Egyption government to make concessions.

Ragini Kistnasamy
Talaat Harb, Cairo
29-Dcember, 2009

Translated from the original kreol version

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LALIT member Ragini Kistnasamy joins Gaza Freedom March for; Immediate end to Israel's siege of Gaza, for Israeli and US Governments to get all troops withdrawn from Palestine, and for closing down all "colonies" that Israel has set up in Palestine.