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Debate on "Muslim Personal Law: Rajni Lallah v/s Yousouf Mohamed this Saturday live on Radio Plus, 9.00 a.m


Rajni Lallah, member of Lalit and the Women's Liberation Movement (MLF) will participate in a debate on "Muslim Personal Law", live on Radio Plus on Saturday 25 October 2003.

The new Prime Minister, Paul Berenger, in a speech in an assembly at the Taher Bag Hall in Port Louis, announced that the Muslim Personal Law will be amongst the new priority of the government and in this context a new legislation will be presented in January 2004.

Lalit has for years oppose the principle of the MPL, as it introduces and legalise discrimination against women as well as unleashes dangerous communal dynamics for multiple "personal laws".

The public can phone during the debate to give their views on the topic.