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Egypt Closes Gaza Border as March Date Approaches


The organizers of the Gaza Freedom March planned for the end of the year have announced that the Egyptian Government has informed them that the Rafah border will be closed until January. LALIT calls for the Egypt to open the border.

Is this an attempt to prevent the 1,360 delegates from 42 countries from visiting Gaza as they plan to do for the Gaza Freedom March?

After Israel bombing of Gaza exactly a year ago, the state of seige has continued. Why is Egypt colluding with Israel? Is it not important that Egypt, instead of colluding, helps to expose the fact that the Palestinians of Gaza do not have proper water supplies, that they suffer constant food supply problems, that medicines are not getting through to treat the ill and the injured, and that all the construction materials necessary to rebuild after the bombing continue to be barred from entry. So that houses, hospitals and schools remain in ruin. This is what the march is trying to expose.

The Gaza Freedom March is already bearing its fruit. The silence about the atrocities the people of Palestine are suffering can no longer be hidden. It is the responsibility of all the Governments of the world to stop their collusion with and support for Israel and the US that supports Israel. Egypt must be made to open the Rafah border crossing to allow the Gaza Freedom March through. LALIT makes this call formally.