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Launch of 260 page book by Alain Ah-Vee, called CLASS


A 264-page book mainly in Kreol, but with a few articles in English, and called KLAS was launched yesterday 25 November 2009 at LALIT's centre. It is published by Ledikasyon pu Travayer and is the fourteenth in the Knowledge for All series. Presiding the launch, Rada Kistnasamy, speaking for LPT, said that exactly a year ago another book by LALIT member Rajni Lallah, and called STATE, or LETA, was launched by LPT. Alain Ah-Vee in his speech as editor said that it is an interesting fact that these two books are both on things that LALIT would like to see disappear: classes (in the sense of groups with different structural relationships to the means of survivial) and the State (once a revolution has done away with dominating classes).

The two launch speeches by Jean-Claude Bibi and Vidya Golam were so well prepared that they should themselves be included in the next edition of the book KLAS, LALIT members observed. Vidya Golam said he had read the essays in the book twice (and some he had already read before) while Jean-Claude Bibi said he had read the book five or six times.

Their speeches will be written up for the web.