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Talks on Employment Relations Act


Two weeks ago, LALIT leading member, Ram Seegobin gave a talk at a General Trade Union Federation Seminar on the Employment Relations Act and Employment Rights Act, held in Coromandel. Some fifty delegates from the federation's fifteen unions were present. The Seminar was opened by Pottaya Kuppan and, as well as by Ram Seegobin, was also addressed by the National Trade Union Congress president, Tulsiraj Benydin, and the President of the new Commission for Conciliation and Mediation, which has replaced the old IRC. After the speeches, the questions and debate were of a high level, allowing speakers to expand on what they had said in meaningful ways.

Next Thursday evening, Ram Seegobin will be giving a talk at LALIT's new political education series on the Employment Relations Act, in particular. Anyone wishing to come, please contact any LALIT member. The first session of the evening will be on China.