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Working people in times of global economic crisis: 4 August 2009


Working people in times of global economic crisis: Casual workers in Catering
Since last year, work for casual workers in the catering industry has decreased dramatically. People in the intermediate classes can no longer afford catering services for weddings and private companies have cut back on receptions. Catering companies have lowered their prices and guess who's paying ...
Last year, casual workers in a Plaine-Wilhems-based company were getting Rs. 900 - Rs. 1,000 for 12 hours + work. Now, they are getting only Rs. 600 - Rs. 700. "Full-time employment in restaurants and hotels is hard to find. We have had to accept a 30% wage-cut just to get a bit of work once a week, sometimes, once in a fortnight" a casual worker reported to LALIT.