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Survey Result published in Full on LALIT Site


LALIT is pleased to be able to publish, with the permission of the workers' education association, Ledikasyon pu Travayer, the complete results of the Survey on Attitudes towards official recognition of the mother tongues Kreol and Bhojpuri in schools, in the National Assembly and in Associations' correspondence with the Registrar of Associations. The survey has a second very interesting section, too, about how much people actually KNOW or DON'T KNOW about the degree of development of the mother tongues. The survey was conducted by SOFRES earlier this year.

LALIT notes that over two-thirds of people are in favour of Kreol in the National Assembly, and are, generally speaking in favour of the mother-tongues to a high degree. What is important about the results is how many people are in favour of the mother tongues while so few of them know about the existence of developments in the mother tongues that make change towards the mother-tongue "possible" in the short run. To give one example, only one fifth of people are aware that there are dictionaries for Kreol, and only 5% that there is a Kreol-Bhojpuri dictionary. People are ill-informed about the BEC courses and about the fact that the University of Mauritius has had courses on Kreol.

The results of both parts of the survey, the part on opinions and the part on how much people know, are a rich source of information for reference.

How to find them on the site. There are two sets of files in the "Documents Section". So click on "documents", and you'll find them.

The tables (and raw data) are in the different pages of an Excel File. To turn pages on Excel, if you are not used to it, just click on the page numbers at the bottom left of the page. The narrative comments on the Survey are in a Word File. (Both were loaded on 5th July, 2009).