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Ram Seegobin participates in Mauritius Labour Congress Seminar on IRA


Ram Seegobin, central committee member of Lalit, was the guest speaker at the Mauritius Labour Congress Seminar on the Industrial Relation Act, held on Thursday 2nd of October at the Teachers Center, Quatre Bornes.

Ram Seegobin, one of the most experienced people on the topic in Mauritius, being one the leaders of the 1979-80 mass movement confronting the IRA and being one the rare people having deponed in all official committees on the IRA, explained how the IRA infringes basic fundamental rights of workers and undermines industrial democracy.

He also warned against attempts from the bosses and government to now change the IRA to align it to the pernicious Prof Lim Report, who proposed the complete deregulation of wages and work condition in Mauritius.

Some 100 unions delegates affiliated to the MLC attended the Seminar.

The IRA is now at the centre of the debates within the unions' movement in Mauritius, as the government, under pressure, has announced its intention to review the present legislation. Many unions are suspicious of the real motivation of the government.

During recent weeks, Ram Seegobin was also the guest speaker at the National Trade Union Confederation(NTUC) and the Federation of Civil Service (FCSU) seminars on the IRA.