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Political Education on August 1979 General Strike


Thursday 23 April's political education session will be on "August 1979 Strike: 30 years on". The session will be in two parts, the forces pushing towards and against the strike, by Rajni Lallah, co-author of the book LAGREV UT 79 and the actual process of the strike movement, by Ally Hosenbokus. Participants in the strike movement will be present to contribute. The similarities and differences between the state of the working class then and now will be discussed during the debate part.

This session is part of the series which are preparing LALIT militants for the increase in workers' activity that we are experiencing in 2009. Last fortnight the political education session was on the factors that give rise to fascism: the first part was given by Ram Seegobin, who compared and contrasted and extracted lessons from the coming to power of fascism in three European countries in the 1930's, that is Italy, Spain and Germany. The second was given by Alain Ah-Vee who related the rise of fascism to times of economic crisis (like those unfolding today) during the reign of finance capital.