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Diego Garcia article by Lindsey Collen in The Red Pepper


Red Pepper magazine with the slogan "spicing up politics" (Dec/Jan 2009 issue) includes an article in it on Diego Garcia by LALIT member, Lindsey Collen. She has given the political background to the British House of Lords judgment on the Chagossians right to return. The electronic version is available on

The Red Pepper magazine is one that we recommend our web visitors to read. Other articles in this issue of the 68-page magazine that may interest you include: a photo-report on the water wars or living on the West Bank under occupation; an article on Bolivia's experiment with economic and political democracy; as well as a whole dossier "Business not as usual" on different aspects of the present financial crisis and economic recession. There are also extracts from the fine new "band desine" biography of Che Guevara, and a fascinating review on Sheila Rowbotham the great feminist thinker's new biography of Edward Carpenter, the avante-garde English socialist who marked the end of the 19th Century with his essays and his influence in general. There is also a fantastic 10-step guide to workplace union organization from scratch, something much needed in new sectors here like the Cyber-city, as well as in older ones where unions have been driven into the ground, including how not to get burdened with being "the union" and offering all sorts of benefits for very little effort.