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Ceremony in Lallmatie to mark 3 years since Death in Detention


Widow Bindoo Ramlogun organized a ceremony at the cemetry in Lallmatie to mark the continuation of her struggle to get to the truth about her husband, Rajesh Ramlogun's death in detention on Sankranthi in 2006. Supported by relatives friends, and representatives of JUSTICE (Association to Stop Violence by Officers of the State) and the women's association, Muvman Liberasyon Fam. JUSTICE and MLF members, Widow Veronique Topize, whose husband was killed in 1999 and whose death in detention led to nation-wide uprisings against the police, was also present. Rajni Lallah and Lindsey Collen spoke at the ceremony, representing JUSTICE and the MLF. Both widows have been compensated by the State in ground-breaking litigation for the damage they and their children have suffered through the death of their husbands while in police custody. Both continue the struggle for the truth, against impunity and for justice.

Mr. Ramlogun's death led to a verdict of "suspected foul play" in the preliminary enquiry held in 2006. Four police officers of the notorious Major Crimes Investigation Union team of the late Chief Inspector Raddhoa are under trial for torture. They are the first officers being prosecuted under the relatively new law against torture. The next hearing is in the Intermediate Court in Port Louis 29 January.