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Happy New Year Message plus Web Statistics for 2008


We take this opportunity of wishing all our visitors a very happy new year. May the struggle for a better world for everyone take great strides forward even as the economic crisis worsens. And we dedicate this end-of-year message to the people of Palestine, at this time when the Israeli army seige and bombardment of Gaza continues, and reminds us of the aerial bombing of Guernica, immortalized by Pablo Picasso.

We would like to inform you that many others also visit our site, as you do. In 2008 there were 147,395 visits to LALIT web pages, over 30% increase from 2007. This kind of exponential increase is typical of the increases over the eight years that LALIT has had a web site. The highest visit for a month was 16,491 and the lowest 9,299. The highest for a day was 1,449.

Please send us messages and responses to articles and other features of the web. Last year we had some 50 such letters.