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Brief Analysis of Hacking of LALIT Site


In the few days since our web site was hacked, LALIT branches and central structures have been mulling over both the attack, and planning the re-building of the site. We have decided to take a little extra time so that, as we re-build our site, we develop it further at the same time. So we ask you to bear with us. We have got News up and running again, as well as the optional photograph and optional spot for forthcoming activities. Our galleries are back in order. The process of loading our "hard copy documentation centre" will continue. Our downloads (musical and others) are still down. Some documents loaded recently are still missing. A few posters are too. All will be fully operational soon, hopefully better than ever. Sorry for any inconvenience.

In analysing the hacking, we have weighed up four possibilities for the culprit and motivation:

1 It may just be a random hacker, with the various motives random hackers have.

2 The Mauritian Government on 9 January announced that it was freezing its diplomatic links with Israel. A few days later the planned Enrico Macias concert was cancelled following Mauritian Ministers calling him "persona non grata" after he said he was "a thousand billion per cent in favour of Israel's 'hard lead' operation on Gaza". This would certainly have drawn the attention of the notorious Israeli secret services to Mauritius, as to our knowledge not many States took this position. We know of Venezuela, Bolivia, Mauritania and Mauritius. The secret services of Israel will want to know who was responsible for causing the stand of the Mauritian government, usually so tame and pro-USA. Once looking into who has been responsible for the political pressure on Government, they will have found that LALIT and the former President of the Republic, Cassam Uteem, had called for "freezing" diplomatic relations at a joint demonstration when Israel bombarded the Lebanon, and re-iterated the call again this year. They will have found that on three occasions LALIT members have braved the Israeli security and entered Palestine as part of solidarity work with the people of Palestine. They will have become aware of Ragini Kistnasamy's PALESTINE DIARIES. Again this year LALIT was swift to take a stand, and participate in demonstrations. The Israeli Mossad obviously has a section that does hacking.

3 The USA's lease for the Island on which they have their key Diego Garcia military base comes up for renewal in 2016. The USA and UK would thus be very keen to weaken any political forces that oppose the Diego Garcia US military base and oppose the continued illegal occupation of the Chagos Islands. When the House of Lords judgment was handed down the only political force associated with this struggle and mentioned a number of times in the judgement was LALIT. So, the secret services of these two countries are not to be excluded. In addition, LALIT was one of the central organizations involved in the setting up of the NO BASES movement which has contributed to the closure of the Manta military base in Ecuador.

4. The local National Security Service and other local enemies could also be involved, for political reasons at a local level.

All the political forces representing the status quo are concerned about the political shocks that the economic crisis is going to produce.

Of course, we will be unlikely to get to the bottom of the hacking. The hacker said he is called "Serseridelikan" and this is the name of some kind of a hacker. Should any site-visitor have any ideas on this kind of hacking problem, please let us know.

29 January 2009