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LALIT Women's Commission exposes Jack Bizlall (Re-uploaded)


On the occasion of the UN International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, 25 November, and with the permission of Lindsey Collen and the LALIT Central Committee, the LALIT Women's Commission is today posting on the LALIT web-site a hand-written private letter from Jack Bizlall to Lindsey Collen, a LALIT leading member, and a printed publication, written and circulated by Jack Bizlall. They are reproduced in toto and without reply in the documents section.

Jack Bizlall sent the hand-written letter dated 1 November by post. With the letter there was enclosed a "publication" in the form of an A3-sized "newsletter" also signed Jack Bizlall. The main target of the attack contained in the letter and publication is Lindsey Collen herself. The publication also attacks another leading LALIT woman member, Rajni Lallah. Ram Seegobin, a LALIT leader and Lindsey's partner, is attacked too, without his name being mentioned.

The envelope in which the letter arrived at the LALIT offices was stamped with the Federation of Progressive Union's seal.

The LALIT Women's Commission draws attention to the fact that Jack Bizlall is an influential man. He was an MMM Member of Parliament, a Deputy Mayor of Rose-Hill and Beau Bassin. He is today the leader of a political party, the Muvman Premye Me, as he was of two previous parties, Force Militante Progressiste and the Parti Militan Travayer. He still leads the Federation of Progressive Unions, which he founded. He is joint leader of the new Confederation des Syndicats de Gauche/Solidarite, which was set up after his call for the FPU and other federations to leave the National Trade Union Council.

So shocking are the contents of his missive that the LALIT Women's Commission has taken the unusual decision, after much thought and discussion, and with the blessing of the Central Committee and web editor, Rada Kistnasamy, to post them 'tel kel' on our site. The private letter, the envelope, and the entire A-3-sized publication are posted in the Documents section. This way people outside LALIT will be able to read the entire contents and judge for themselves. We believe that this is the best way to make progress. The contents of the letter and of the newsletter require no comment.

The Women's Commission expresses solidarity with all those abused in the entire Newsletter.

The Women's Commission draws readers' attention to the fact that Jack Bizlall (in his letter) takes care to situate himself politically with his allies: "Je croyais te connaitre, mais ce n'est que depuis quelques temps que je sais qui tu es. C'est par rapport a ton comportement vis-à-vis des camarades qui ont quitté le Parti Lalit. Tu es une Killer! Tu n'a pas de sentiments. Je te croyais intelligente, je constate que c'est ta cupidité qui te fait agir."

For readers' information, the article to which Jack Bizlall is replying is a LALIT article for which the Central Committee took and still takes responsibility. It is signed "LALIT". It was posted on the web SIX weeks earlier (you can read it and take note of its measured tone. It is on page 2 of the News Archives, 14 September 2008, under the title: "Telecom Workers Hit Back").

If you would like to read Jack Bizlall's letter and his publication, please go to the Documents Section. We apologise to visitors to our web site for his abusive language, sexual innuendoes, threats of physical violence, defamation, untruths, and sick mysogyny.

LALIT Women's Commission.
16 November, 2008