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LALIT support message to Chagos Refugees Group


Here is a translation of the LALIT message to the Chagos Refugees Group

LALIT and all its members wish to express our support to all Chagossians at this difficult time when the right to return, which seemed so near, at least in principle, has been denied by the House of Lords judgment of 22 October. As you all know, we in LALIT have been with you in the hunger strikes, in the street marches, in the fights with Riot Police, especially our women members with your women members, and in the Court cases under the Public Order Act. We together with you set up the Rann Nu Diego Committee, which rebuilt a strong movement. And in 2004 we sent a Joint Delegation (LALIT and Chagos Refugees Group) to the World Social Forum in Mumbai, and then planned the PEACE FLOTILLA together.

So, today we reflect on where we are in this long, historic struggle.

We support for the Chagossians continued struggle for the right to return, and we believe that your struggle for the right to return may in the future be linked more closely with the struggle for the closure of the US Military Base, which is the reason for your banning and the illegal splitting of Mauritius. We believe that your struggle will also be an important pressure in the struggle for the re-unification of Mauritius, a struggle in which the Mauritian State has distinguished itself by its complacency with the British and US authorities.

Lalit kontinye!

Lindsey Collen
23 October, 2008