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Common Front Meeting on Integrated Farming


Members of organizations that are in the Common Front on Food Security (Fron Komen Sekirite Alimanter) met at the Syndika Travayer hall in Rose-Hill on World Food Day, Thursday 16 October, for a second session to acquire back-ground knowledge necessary for the Front's campaign. LALIT is a member of the Front. The Front's campaign sees the first time in history that it is politically possible to challenge land-ownership, to force the government to force the sugar oligarchs to cede land for planting food crops, for Government to invest in factories for preserving and transforming food crops, for renewable energy and for proper waste disposal. The ten organizations in the front worked together on a common accord as to the Charter that we will work on. It has been produced and distributed in the Kreol language.

The back-ground session this time was on "integrated farming". The speaker was Prof. George Chan, the 84 year old who is world-renowned pioneer of integrated farming. Starting as a waste-disposal engineer, he became more and more inteterested over the course of his professional career, in the way in which farming can be totally balanced, needing no external inputs, if it is planned along the same lines as ecology works. This is what he explained.

The session was well-attended and was chaired by LALIT member, Lindsey Collen.