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Ram Seegobin of LALIT addresses Trade Unions


Yesterday, 7 October, Ram Seegobin addressed the National Trade Union Council on the question of "Decent work" at a Seminar in Coromandel on World Day for Decent Work. Presided by Toolsiraj Benydin, the Seminar was also addressed, in a technocratic vein by a senior cadre of the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Ramsamy.

Ram Seegobin defined "decent work" much wider than is usual. In the context of the massive world-wide financial crisis detonated by the USA's bank failures, he said it was an occasion to demand control over production. Workers are not just consumers, who want a slightly better deal in terms of work conditions. During the course of his speech, he pointed to the seriousness of the crisis and criticized both Ministers and the Press for their complacency. (Note: Today's L'Express and Matinale seem at last to have taken up the issue.)