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First ever: Ecuador places new Constitutional ban on military bases


The Referendum on the new Constitution of Ecuador was held on 28 September, 2008 and it has passed with between 64 and 69% of votes, at the last news LALIT has from ACJ Ecuador, which is, together with LALIT and hundreds of other organizations, in the NO BASES network. One of the key issues addressed by the new Constitution is that it outlaws foreign military bases altogether. The two relevant clauses read as follows:

Article 5:

Ecuador is a territory of peace. The establishment of foreign military bases or foreign facilities with military purposes is not permitted. National military bases cannot be used by foreign armed or security forces.

Article 416, number 4:
Ecuador promotes peace and universal disarmament; it condemns the development and use of arms of mass destruction and the imposition of bases or installations with military purposes of some States in territory of other States.

This stands as an example to the whole of the world. The US alone has over 740 military bases on foreign soil. This is a constant source of war-preparation.

LALIT calls on the Prime Minister Ramgoolam and his new Foreign Affairs Minister to come forward with similar Constitutional Amendments when they put forward Electoral Reform. At the same time, they can legislate for Island Councils for Agalega and Chagos respectively.