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Peadar King film on Diego Garcia shown in Mauritius


After the UK TV documentary by John Pilger, the Irish TV film "The Chagos Islands are Closed" by Peadar King is being shown to groups all over Mauritius. It is a "must" view. It was made by a team of four people from KMF Production, as one in the third series of "What in the World?" documentaries.

Copies have been given by the film-makers to the former President of the Republic, Cassam Uteen, former Chief Justice, Rajsoomer Lallah, Group Refugees Chagos, the Chagossian Social Group and Lalit. Thrusday 18 September, there was a Press Preview of the film at the Lalit headquarters at GRNW. Le Mauricien and Le Matinale were present (it was the day of torrential rain) for the viewing. Ally Hosenbokus introduced the film, and set in in its historical context.

The film is 25 minutes long. In it we see and hear strong and lyrical footage on Ansie Jaffar, Olivier Bancoult, Rita Bancoult, Tifrer Saminaden, Aurelie Talate, as well as Fernand Mandarin on his pirogue (since lost to bad weather) and 100-year old Felicie Mandarin, and Rajsoomer Lallah, who was, amongst other things, the jurist responsible for Seychelles getting their Islands back out of the British Indian Ocean Territories. There is also footage of Diego Garcia itself in the film.

Anyone who would like to be invited to a film session, contact LALIT on 208 2132.