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LALIT Latin american Night in Political Education Series


LALIT's political education series this fortnight saw a Latin American night, with short introductions to various high points and milestones in Latin American history, prepared by different members for those present.

In the first session, Ram Seegobin introduced the life and work of Simon Bolivar, who the Chavez movement have relied on to give historical depth to their present-day movement (and Government) in Venezuela.. Then Rada Kistnasamy described the "Bolivarian Revolution" in Venezuela today, "Socialism for the Twenty-First Century", in broad strokes, relying on one or two of the main left-wing currents' analyses. This was followed by discussion, before Alain Ah-Vee introduced Emilien Zapata and the Mexican Revolution.

After the supper break, two other comrades, Ally and Jean, outlined the history and legacy of the Cuban revolution, and the history and lessons of the Allende "electoral road", respectively.

Discussion became increasingly general, linking in comparisons of different movements, varying class forces, and significantly different types of State.

Discussion was so interesting, when trends were viewed over the whole Continent and over time, that we have decided that next fortnight, the same Latin American overview will continue, with brief Marxist analyses of a further four or five focuses. We will look at the Perons and the phenomen of "Peronism" in Argentina (Lindsey) , the Nicaraguan Sandinista movement (Cindy), the Peruvian Shining Path (Ram) and the Columbian FARC (Rajni).

No report on this last session would be complete without reference to the dinner, cooked each fortnight in turn by a volunteer, this time by Zorz. It was the best bouillabaisse anyone has ever tasted.