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Enn Pa istorik pu rekonesans langaz Kreol


Swit a Stand Alone Module lor "Introduction to Creole Studies (CREO 1001)" ki Liniversite Moris finn lanse lafin lane dernye. Liniversite Moris pu premye fwa finn fer enn lekzamin lor langaz Kreol. Ti kapav reponn an Kreol, Franse u Angle. Parmi sa 18 zelev ki finn anrezistre pu kur la, 16 zelev finn konpoz lekzamin.

Swit a sa modil la, bann etidyan ki prinsipalman bann militan langaz Kreol ek osi bann profeser finn fer enn petisyon pu fer reket liniveriste Moris atraver Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Ameenah Gurib-Fakim pu kontinye sa kur ek fer li vinn enn Certificate in Creole Studies. Li deza reprezant enn gran progre etan done ki Departman Franse Liniversite Moris pu ofer "Creole studies" kuma enn elective dan kur BA French.

Nu pe pibliye kopi petisyon ki bann zelev Stand Alone Module "Introduction to Creole Studies (CREO 1001)" finn ekrir a Liniversite Moris.

Request for Advanced Course in Creole Language Studies

We, the undersigned students, who are at present following the Stand-Alone Module on "Introduction to Creole Studies (CREO 1001)", wish to make, through you, a formal request to the University for courses on the study of the Creole languages to continue. We believe that the University has already taken an important and even ground-breaking step in having introduced Creole language studies at tertiary level.

Given that there is a general consensus developing in the country,

Given that the Bureau d'Education Catholique has already successfully introduced Mauritian Creole as the language of instruction for its Pre-vocational Schools, and that it is on the verge of introducing it as medium for certain primary schools, too,

Given that Minister of Education and Human Resources, Hon. Dharam Gokhool, has recently set up a Committee to study the introduction of the mother tongues in education,

Given the need for a broader base of students who have studied the Creole Languages to respond to the future demands that will flow from these changes,

We therefore request :
1. That a second Stand-Alone-Module be offered this coming academic year, as we wish to enrol

2. That the Course we are at present following, be offered a new in this coming year and in following academic years as a Stand-Alone module, and

3. That a Certificate in Creole Studies as we believe this would mean (10 modules) be introduced, and that the price be within the range that those interested can afford to pay

Copy: French Department and English Department, Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities.