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Diego Garcia must be inspected


With the new allegation made by the wife of a missing prisoner, Mustafa Setmarian Nasar, that the man is being held illegally by the United States on its military base on Diego Garcia, the pressure is building for Diego Garcia to be subject to Red Cross inspections. The Mauritian Government is still slow to call on the Red Cross to inspect territory which is constitutionally and legally part of Mauritius. This new allegation by the wife of a detainee published first in the Spanish daily, El Pais, after she had been tipped off by ex-secret service agents, adds to the existing statements made by US military top brass, an MI5 agent and by UN personnel to the effect that Diego Garcia is used for the purposes of rendering and detaining illegal prisoners. LALIT has for years been denouncing this. Recently the British Foreign Minister had to admit that the British Parliament had been lied to by ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair and the previous Foreign Minister on this issue.

With Britain last week having signed up in Dublin to the treaty banning Cluster Bombs, it would also be in order to have inspections made by Britain on the territory it controls, the so called British Indian Ocean Territory, the fictitious colony invented to house Diego Garcia. Since the USA has refused to sign the treaty, which bans the production, storage and use of this type of bomb, this offers a prima facie case that they could store them on Diego Garcia. LALIT presumes that the Mauritian state has signed the Treaty, or will sign it soon, and could then press to do inspections on Diego Garcia. Since the Mauritian Foreign Minister, Madun Dulloo, was revoked, his portfolio is being held by the Prime Minister.