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LALIT Distributes Leaflets for May Day


Friday 25 April, LALIT members distributed 10,000 leaflets in the main bus stations and their adjoining thoroughfares between 6 and 8 in the morning. As this kind of political action has been a regular LALIT action ever since the August 1979 strike movement, the passing crowds of working people seek out the leaflets, even if it means changing their trajectories to get to a distributor. Many passers-by ask for an extra "three copies", or an extra "12 please" depending on their needs. LALIT's idea behind the timing of this initial distribution of leaflets in the morning is that people often read it on the way to work, then share it or its contents with their work-mates, then take it home and share it with their family and neighbours. One of the features of a LALIT leaflet distribution is there is never one on the ground, as no-one would throw one away.

Then the same leaflet is distributed in the neighbourhoods of our members.

The leaflet at present being distributed is about food security which is our Labour Day demand, together with job creation and price control. Food security is also part of our program for agricultural and agro-industrial diversification. These demands lead to the necessity for land reform, and for workers' control.

LALIT will be celebrating Labour Day at its headquarters in Grand River North West. There will be speeches, poems, Taichi, songs, music, dancing, and messages. Everyone brings some food and we all share it together.