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Diego Garcia as UNESCO World Heritage Site


LALIT in 1997 called for Diego Garcia, when it is liberated from illegal occupation by Britain, when the military base is closed down and environemental clean-up effected, that the Mauritian Government should apply for it to become a UNESCO world natural heritage site. In fact, since the UN General Assembly recognises Mauritian sovereignty, UNESCO could be approached right now. This call which started when LALIT and the Chagos Refugees Group set up the RANN NU DIEGO Committee in 1997 and has been re-iterated often since.

Now, an international non-profit Philadelphia-based Environment Group called Pew (run by money set up by four descendants of the Sun Oil company), says that Diego Garcia is one of four places in the world best suited to be designated as marine sanctuaries. The other areas are Northern Mariana, Australia's Coral Sea, and New Zealand's Kermadec Trench. LALIT is being proved right by this big mainstream charitable organization.

This was reported by Moneth G. Deposa of the Variety News Staff.

The only mistake in their article we got is that they believe that Chagos is "British", whereas it is occupied by Britain and effectively by the US as well. It is part of Mauritius, and has been for two centuries.