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Mauritians Overwhelmingly in Favour of Use of Kreol in Primary Schools


The statistics are now out. SOFRES has found that in February 2008, there were a massive 70% of people either "very much in favour" or "in favour" of the use of the Kreol language in teaching in primary schools in Mauritius.

This overwhelming vote of confidence in the use of the mother-tongue in schools comes from the L'Express, special issue Magazine, for 12 March, 2008, GENESE d'UN MIRACLE, which published the recent SOFRES survey. Under no single breakdown (by sex, area, so-called "ethnic origin", monthly income, occupation, age, rural/urban) is there a figure of more than 50% that are "opposed" or "very much opposed to" the use of Kreol in teaching in primary schools. An earlier leak in the press had shown that almost the same massive support is there for the use of Kreol in secondary schools as well. In fact, the only category where there is over 40% against is those earning 20,000 rupees or more per month, of whom 47% are opposed to the use of Kreol. So, we have a really clear class opposition, although even this opposition is less than 50%. The remnants of the prejudices and colonial myths are clearly still present more in the upper classes.

Perhaps the most impressive figure is that 78% of rural people are in favour of the use of Kreol in schools. Equally important is that 79% of those earning between 5,000 and 9,999 rupees per month (that is poorer working class people) are in favour.

This must be an added pressure on Education Minister Gokhool who has just set up a Ministerial Committee (See web article) to look into the matter.