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British Minister admits Rendition on Diego Garcia


British Foreign Secretary made a statement to Members of Parliament according to BBC reports to the effect that extra-ordinary renditions of secret illegal prisoners had in fact been effected on Diego Garcia, despite denials from Tony Blair and previous foreign secretary, Jack Straw.

Present Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said he was "very sorry" that previous denials now had to be corrected.

LALIT members, Ragini Kistnasamy and Lindsey Collen, have been maintaining that Diego Garcia has been used for this kind of barbaric practice of involving illegal arrests, illegal detentions, illegal transportation and torture of kidnapped suspects. Denials from the British Ministers in the past always insisted that no such request had been made by the USA, and that the USA was obliged to make a request for such a practice to be perpetrated on land occupied by the UK.

LALIT maintains that this base must be closed down. The Mauritian Government must request the departure of the British and the Americans from these Mauritian Islands. The Chagossians will then be able to return to their native islands, after their illegal displacement and banishment by the British and US in the 1960's and 1970's. Mauritius will then finally have been decolonized over all its land, and we the people can prevent barbaric practices and wars of occupation being run from the land.

David Miliband has admitted to two cases of rendition. One man, he says, has since been released, and another is on Guantanamo, another military base on illegally occupied land.