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Launch of "Palestine Diaries"


LALIT and the women's organization, Muvman Liberasyon Fam, will jointly launch the book PALESTINE DIARIES by Ragini Kistnasamy Wednesday next. The importance of this record of real life experience of life under military occupation is all the more vital when we realize how the news we are fed on Palestine/Israel is even more distorted than what we are fed on most other subjects. At the same time the continued colonization of Palestine remains the central problem of the Middle East. The centrality of the issue is highlighted by President Bush's attempts this week to "do something" before the end of his mandate.

The DIARIES will be launched in the extra-ordinary decor of an exhibition of the work of the world famous photographer, Garo Nalbandian.

The exceptional event will take place at the Port Louis Municipality, and the launch will be in the Council Chamber.

The launch speech will be made by the Former President of the Republic, Mr. Cassam Uteem.

The ceremony will be jointly presided over by LALIT leading member, Alain Ah-Vee who was himself a volunteer in Palestine when he participated in the international march along the Apartheid Wall Israel has constructed, and by Lindsey Collen, who is this year's President of Muvman Liberasyon Fam.

The author Ragini Kistnasamy will address those present on her experiences.

In fact the PALESTINE DIARIES tell not only of daily life in the West Bank until two months ago, in the village of Hares, but also, since Ragini Kistnasamy was in Palestine in the same village in 2004, of the changes in life under occupation over three years.

The DIARIES are the first publication in Mauritian Kreol of a book in diary format. Another first, is the exhibition* of the work of Garo Nalbandian.

LALIT and MLF express appreciation for the loan by the Comite Solidarite Palestine Maurice of their exhibition.

DAYERI PALESTINN will be on sale at Rs 50 a copy from Wednesday next.