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Women's End of Year Meeting


The Muvman Liberasyon Fam will be holding its end-of-the-year meeting on the multiple issues women are facing at this time.
There will be five speakers, who will briefly outline an issue, and then general discussion will follow. Cindy Clelie will speak on food security and the new issues like flour supplies and global food shortages, Rajni Lallah on unemployment and insecure work, Marlene Joseph and Pushpa Lallah on price increases and rupee devaluation and the effect on women, Veronique Topize on access to land for planting. Ragini Kistnasamy on women and peace (with emphasis on women in Palestine and the continued struggle by women for the right to return and base closure of Diego Garcia). The evening will be presided over by Lindsey Collen and Sadna Jumnoodoo.

An end-of-year party will follow the discussion.
Any women who are not members but would like to attend such a meeting are welcome to contact any of the members to request an invitation.

At the last meeting of the MLF, the amendments to the Domestic Violence Act were discussed, and the Ministry of Women's Rights introducing the concept of "councelling" as an intermediary step between nothing and jail for violent husbands was analysed. Most members present thought that it was a reasonable amendment, considering the couple are still "married" but felt that amendments to the Divorce Laws are now absolutely essential, so that women can more easily, more quickly and without the concept of "faute", divorce violent husbands.