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LALIT requests freezing of diplomatic relations with Israel


The Prime Minister, Hon. Dr.Navin Ramgoolam,Treasury Building,Port-Louis.
14 November 2007

Dear Sir,
We write to you as Prime Minister to re-iterate the request we made last year (see attached letter from us and Former President Cassam Uteem, dated 9 November 2006) that you take diplomatic initiatives for a common stand with other governments against the siege of Palestine, in particular, of Gaza by Israel.The situation in Gaza is getting even worse now, since Israel's tightening of its siege. In a recent article one of the most influencial intellectuals in the world, Noam Chomsky, referred to the siege as "the guillotining of Gaza".
During the last six months the Olmert regime has adopted a series of measures that harm the civilian population, and are designed to do so. In September, the Israeli regime declared Gaza "an enemy entity", restricting imports of a list of basic materials, including medicines, fruit, milk and dairy products, electrical appliances and even furniture. The Israeli cabinet in October voted to cut fuel supplies and electricity in Gaza, where 1.5 million Palestinians are struggling to survive.
The continued rocket attacks and air strikes by the Israeli army, the US-backed sanctions and administrative measures to isolate Gaza, are having disastrous effects on the daily lives of Palestinians.In the West Bank as well the situation is deteriorating dangerously.
Lalit member, Ragini Kistnasamy, who was in Palestine just two weeks ago, shared in her diary (which can be read on Lalit's website) detailed information on how Palestinian olive growers in the West Bank are continuing to be harassed, attacked and sometimes killed by Israeli illegal occupiers and army officers. As she was there before in 2004, she can see just how far the military occupation has tightened its stranglehold on the people of Palestine.This year marks the 40th year of Palestine's military occupation. In view of the present situation the demands we made a year ago are still valid, only much more pressing now.
Our demand is for an immediate freezing of diplomatic relations with Israel, a call for an arms embargo of the Middle East, and putting into action a boycott on Israel.
We call on you, as Prime Minister, to take diplomatic initiatives at the level of SADC, the African Union and ultimately the United Nations, so that there is a build-up of generalized pressure at the level of the international community.
The Israeli siege of Palestine is increasingly betraying its nature as a genocide, strictly according to the definition spelt out in the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

Yours faithfully,
Alain Ah-Vee