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LALIT's Spring University for Young People 1,2,3 November


Lalit's Spring University for young people is starting on Thursday 1 November (public Holiday for All Saints) and continues on Friday, 2 November (public holiday for Commemorating Indenture) and on Saturday 3 November. This University, organized by the Youth Commission of Lalit, is expected to interest young people who are working, studying or out of work.

The subjects covered are vast, and it is a multi-media university, with films, lectures and debates all integrated. The University starts with what is a political program, or the definition of a political party. And then moves on to theoretical issues (What is work and what is alienation?) which are also linked to the moment, in this case 80 years since the end of indentured labour. There is a session celebrating 80 years since the Russian Revolution, which will be accompanied by extracts from the film OCTOBER by Eisenstein. Given the near irreversibility of the damage done by capitalism to mother earth, there is a session on climate change, including bits from films. There is another session on militarism, as the Iraq war heads towards its five years of military occupation. This includes the documentary by John Pilger, Stealing a Nation, and discussion on the role of the illegal occupation of Mauritian territory in the militarism of the US and UK. There is a session devoted to the military occupation of Palestine, this year a 40 year mark, in which we will hear "live" from our member in Palestine right now. There will also be a workshop on using comics for political change. There is a session on the language issue, with a subsection on the experience of using the mother tongue in Prevocational schools.

Anyone interested can contact us on 208 2132 or 452 0148.