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Second Study Group of Lalit's Youth Commission


The LALIT YOUTH COMMISSION held the second in its series of Study Group Sessions on Karl Marx's critique of the common platform with the Lasalleans or the so-called Gotha Program, on Sunday 26 August. What is interesting about Marx's hard-hitting critique, which remained an internal document for some 15 years until Friedrich Engels published it after Marx's death, is that it is, in a way, a refinement of the MANIFESTO in that it points out the differences between the Manifesto and the Gotha program, which is, in places, a thinly disguised travesty of it. Marx brings all the searing pertinence of his wide-reaching mind to criticising the duplicitous program, and in so doing, insists on the precision of the Manifesto. Participants think that because of the clarity of the ideas, they have stayed very modern and useful for today's debates on similar points. "Reading this document and discussing it together has sharpened my own ideas," said one young participant.

The third and probably final Study Group session on this historical document will be held in a couple of weeks.

Anyone wanting a copy of the Kreol language version of the Manifesto (booklet form, and Audio CD form), please contact anyone in Lalit.