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National Human Rights Commission Refused to Intervene


The National Human Rights Commission refused to intervene in the complaint made by Lalit against the Deputy Commissioner of Police, MR Dhun Rampersad.
DCP Rampersad was reported having said: "we cannot beat somebody unnecessarily, you try to punish him so that he confess" He made this speech at a debate held at London College and organized by the Mauritian Branch of Amnesty International in the context of the International Day Against Torture. Following complaint made by Lalit, the secretary of the NHRC, Mr Ramsewak replied that "the Commission does not propose to intervene in the matter".

Lalit finds that statement made by DCP Rampersad if reported true, is outrageous and against the basic human rights of arrested people or people in the custody of the police. Moreover, according to the rule of law, it is the Courts who are entitled to give punishment, and that only after the accused have faced a trial, have had the right to defend themselves or be defended by a lawyer, and only if found guilty. Punishment does not include corporal punishment or beating: this has been outlawed.