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Mauritius Media at a Glance: 5 August 2007


The L'Express Dimanche today reads more like the Empowerment Programme Magazine. To be fair, one has to mention that L'Estrac's EP is celebrating its first birthday at the moment. Still!

Apart from a two-page spread describing the stupendous achievements of the Empowerment Programme, and a photo-page of the first birthday celebrations, the journalists of the newspaper have cleverly found ways of mentioning the EP in many other articles dealing with subjects that seem to have not much to do with the EP.

In an article on the proposed Unemployment Benefit in the new Employment Rights Bill, the journalist has somehow managed to mention the EP twice; as has the other journalist doing an interview of Juliette Francois on the Kinouete association. But perhaps the prize goes to the columnist from Beachcomber Malenn Oodiah, who, in his column denouncing propositions to "democratize" the economic activities of the tourist industry, has achieved three mentions of the Empowerment Programme.

In addition, those responsible for choosing photographs for today's L'Express Dimanche have come up with two shots of L'Estrac: one in the company of the Prime Minister, no less; and another with the Minister of Finance.

But the L'Express Dimanche has missed out on another opportunity to mention its Executive Director. They could have published the recent list of past Members of the Legislative Assembly who are receiving life-long pensions: this list is in the Week-End paper, as it was given in response to a Parliamentary Question. The readers of the L'Express would then have known that the benevolent and unpaid boss of the Empowerment Fund is drawing a life-long monthly pension of a mere 43,565 rupees from public funds.