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Mauritius Media at a Glance: 24 July 2007


So finally we know what readership Nazim Esoof aims at when he writes his "Au jour le jour" column in the L'Express paper.

On Saturday 21 July, in the first two paragraphs of his column, Nazim Esoof manages to cram in this impressive list of words which, no doubt, all feature in the ordinary French Dictionary: "theorisations", "d'intellectualiser", "stratifications", "lumpenproletariat", "taxinomiques", "intentionnalites". But then his same select group of readers seem to need some help with other words like "poukhni", which N.Esoof helpfully explains in his text as: "instrument servant a souffler de l'air pour allumer le feu", or again "lampes a petrole-un type de quinquet".

No doubt another example of the contradictions thrown up by the stupid tendency to describe Mauritius as a "francophone" country. After all, if you are a proper francophone, there is no reason why you would ever have heard of a "poukhni" or a "lalamp petrol".

A similar problem occurs when "Le Mauricien" of Friday 20July carries as main front page title " Bruxelles s'apprete a denoncer le Protocole Sucre avec les ACP". A rather technical expression, but which will nevertheless leave most people with a feeling of anger towards the cruel inhabitants of Bruxelles. In fact it just means that the European Union is giving the necessary two-year notice before the Sugar Protocol is replaced by Economic Partnership Agreements in 2009, when guaranteed sugar quotas and prices will be phased out.

Honourable Correspondence.

Once again photocopies of "private" correspondence seem to have found their way out of prison or ministry registry into the pages of our newspapers, namely Week-End and Le Defi. This time it's a letter written by the Hon.Yatin Varma and presumably sent to several, if not all, Honourable Ministers, as the letter does not appear to be addressed to any particular minister. Hon.Y.Varma's short letter simply asks the various ministers to "kindly consider appointing me as legal adviser on a monthly retainer basis to one of the institutions falling under your Ministry". The letter dated 25February 2007, certainly appears to have produced results: the ministers in charge of the SILWF, MFDC, SPDC, Casinos have all availed themselves of the invaluable services of Y.Varma.

These facts were all revealed, in response to a PQ, by the interim Minister of Finance, Hon. Vasant Bunwaree, who as everybody knows, is a very close friend and MP colleague of Hon. Yatin Varma from the No.12 constituency. People are still trying to guess as to the source of the leak of the letter addressed to ministers.