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Concert Against Police Violence Sunday 29 July


Concert Against Police Violence and in Support of Nitin Chinien on Sunday 29 July at 2:00 pm

The Association JUSTICE jointly with the Municipality of Port Louis and the Nitin Chinien Support Committee have organized a Concert for Sunday 29 July to express rejection of police violence and support for victims.

The musician Nitin Chinien, son of the late musician Siven Chinien, was tortured by the MCIT team on 13 June, following an illegal arrest at the bus station. Three MCIT officers have subsequently been suspended, marking an important gain in the struggle against impunity.

The Concert is on the theme "For Peace in Freedom! Stop police violence!"

It will be held in the beautiful old Port Louis Municipal Theatre, starting at 2.00 pm. At 5:30 pm there will be a ceremony around a one-hour candle-light vigil outside the Theatre, in the presence of victims who have been brave enough to speak out against the violence they have suffered.

Because place inside the Theatre is limited, and the tickets are free, please make sure to RESERVE your ticket. Phone 208-2132 or 208-4074.

Famous musicians who are taking part include:
Eric Triton
Zanzak Arjoon
Nitish ek Ram Joganah
La Foule

Speakers at the two events include: Nitin Chinien, the Lord Mayor of Port Louis Reza Issack, Dhiren Moher of the Support Committee for Nitin Chinien, Eric Triton, Marie-Michele Etienne who will act as host, and Lindsay Morvan, Martine Desmarais, Rajni Lallah (for JUSTICE, and to introduce victims).

The candle light ceremony will be presided over by the Lord Mayor and will be in the presence of elected councillors and members of the National Assembly.

The demands agreed upon for the events:

Stop police violence!
We want independent investigators!
Suspend police officers during enquiries about violence!
The DPP must lay charges against policemen that beat people up!
For a truly independent Human Rights Commission!

LALIT supports this concert and candle-light event. It comes at an important time when many police officers are finally being brought to book, and when a some of them are desparately trying to organize counter-attacks and out-of-court settlements.