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Message from the Anti-Privatisation Forum (South Africa)


Revolutionary greetings on this Labour Day to LALIT and all linked associations and supporters from the APF. Your theme for this year - 'Jobs for All' - is one that has been central to most working and poor people in South Africa for many years. Just as in Mauritius, the workers and poor of South Africa have experienced massive job losses as the direct result of the policies of capitalist neo-liberalism implemented by our respective governments. Jobs bring not only productive work and income but also provide us with the means to ensure our human dignity as well as the leverage to better struggle for radical changes in society. We cannot accept a situation in which so many people are economically and socially marginalised - a society built on exclusion and designed to meet the needs of the capitalist elite.

Let us re-forge our common struggles for fully productive and working societies where a job is a not a privilege for the few. Onward, forward to a fully employed society