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Loudhailers on Minarets disallowed on Noise Grounds


Following the Supreme Court judgement in the case brought by Gavin Glover to stop the amplification of the call to prayer in Quatre Bornes, the immediate reactions were extreme, with Members of the National Assembly from Government and Opposition ranks out-doing each other in showing how they were defending religious rights. Messrs. Mohamed, Soudan and Lauthan all competed in this.,
However, after this outburst later led to a hostile night-time crowd splitting off from a bigger assembly and then descending on Gavin Glover's house and blocking his family inside, the political brinkmanship or sur-enchere fortunately stopped.
The Quatre Bornes Municipality has put in an appeal against the judgment, and, following in Lalit's steps, many people have now centred the debate on the question directly involved, that is to say noise levels, in general.

Ram Seegobin, for Lalit, was on the Darlmah Naeck Radio One program, "Controverse", together with political commentator, Robert Furlong, and Bilal Maurdarbuks on this issue. The debate which was centred on the question of secularism, as well as referring to the judgement, was both serene, rational and caring.