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Konferans Dan Ekwador kont baz militer, Lindsey Collen resevwar sitwayennte lavil Quito lor nom tu partisipan


Lemer Quito finn desid pu donn tu partisipan ki dan Konferans pu aboli tu baz militer sitwayente lavil. Reprezantan Lalit, Lindsey Collen finn delege pu resevwar sa tit-la lor nom tu partisipan dan enn resepsyon ki lemer Quito pe fer Lindi 5 Mars.

Sa konferans-la finn demare yer e li pe reyni ansam pu premye fwa bann lorganizasyon anti lager e anti baz militer depi 40 pei.

Dan kad sa konferans-la plizir lorganizasyon dan Moris finn ader a enn deklarasyon pu renuvle zot sutyin a lalit pu ferm baz Diego. Zot finn osi exprim zot solidarite pu sa konferans-la. Get tex deklarasyon e lalis lorganizasyon anba.


Planned Preparatory Conference before the World Conference for the Abolition of All Foreign Military Bases

We, the undersigned, and our organizations, wish to adhere to the declaration of 24 February 2007, and to re-iterate our support for resolutions on closing down the Diego Garcia base, debated and voted on 20 March, 2004 in the context of the Worldwide Anti-War mobilization,

Adding that, once the base has been closed down and ecological clean-up effected, that a non-military Tsunami Warning Station for the Indian Ocean be set up there,

Adding also that, since 2004, we have become aware of the the use of Mauritian land for the secret "rendering" and torture of illegal prisoners, something which we abhor,

And that we denounce the British Government's recent challenge the Court judgement giving the right to return to Chagossians, and we maintain their right to return to all the islands, including Diego Garcia,

That we call for the dismantling of the fictional state, British Indian Ocean Territories,

And that we urge once again the Mauritian Government to bring the issue of the illegal occupation of Diego Garcia before the UN General Assembly, so that the issue can be referred to the International Tribunal at The Hague,

And we send our greetings and expression of solidarity to the Conference to be held at Quito and Manta, Ecuador in March 2007

And call for support for the movement for the abolition of all foreign military bases.

Organisation (Endorsed by)
LALIT (Ram Seegobin)
Institute for Consumer Protection (Sahebdin Mosadeq)
Muvman Liberasyon Fam (Rajni Lallah)
Comite pour l'Amelioration de la Sante (Serge Rayapoulle)
Ledikasyon pu Travayer (Alain Ah-Vee)
CEDREFI (Pynee Chellapermal)
Federation of Pre-School Playgroups (Pushpa Lallah)
Federation of Civil Service & Other Unions (Tulsiraj Benydin)
Federation des Travailleurs Unis (Atma Shanto)
Government Servants Association (Radakrishna Sadien)
Federation of Free Workers (Auguste Follet)
General Workers' Federation (Clency Bibi)
Justice et Paix (Lindsay Morvan)
ABAIM (Emmanuel Valeran)
Former President of the Republic of Mauritius (Cassam Uteem)

The Conference was annulled due to cyclone Gamede, and has been adhered to without the planned debate.