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Lalit launched campaign to warn Minister Cuttaree


Lalit launched a poster campaign in Rose-Hill-Stanley to warn Minister Cuttaree not to sell our social services in Cancun.
RoseHill-Stanley is the constituency where Minister Cuttaree was elected as MLA and he was never given a mandate to engage in neo-liberal treaties that will dismantle our basic utilities like water, education, health and pensions.
Minister Cuttaree was the one responsible for attacking social housing by closing down the Central Housing Authority in 1993 when he was Minister of Housing.
Now, ten years after, Lalit warns him not to be the broker of our social rights.

The poster says "Lalit warns Government in the run-up to WTO &GATS market in Cancun in September-Minister Cuttaree-Beware of going into secret negotiation and making offers of Mauritius social services-Water, Education, Health, Pensions are not for sale, not even to Multinationals private sector.-Publish all secrets offers of Cuttaree and secret negotiators in Geneva."