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Keep Posted on Greetings for a Good 2007


You are now on our new website address,
also check that the e-mail address you have for us is updated

We are pleased to inform you, along with greetings for a good 2007, that LALIT's website address has been changed to (where you are now). It used to be ".com" by mistake, then was both for a year.

We hope you enjoy reading our news items, which some of our visitors have informed us they did not know are archived in the "News" heading on the home-page, as soon as they overflow.

We have also recently managed to get our "Documents" section back in action, so new documents will start being updated once again in the documents section, and will be referred to, when appropriate, as a news item announcing their publication.

We are also pleased to announce that the number of "hits" that our site gets has continued to increase.

2002 242

2003 17,161

2004 64,157

2005 103,801

2006 152,559

In fact in 2006, we had many more hits. We had a total of 275,183, i.e. an additional 120,000 hits in 2 days in August when visits were exceptionally high, presumably networks put links in. However, we are not "counting" them as part of the general total, as they do not necessarily make up for part of the overall trend.

Our email address is now only the (Just to note that we have let our other email address lapse, so please check that you have not filed our old address!)

Yours, with all the best for the new year,